Sylvia's Miracle

Sarah S. has been doing elder care work for going on seven years. In her practice, she sees lots of toenail fungus, "I've seen it over and over again. As people age, they begin to fall prey to all kinds of rashes, bacteria, and fungi. The feet are often the first sign of a decline, in my experience."

Quickly Spread

At any rate, one of Sarah's clients, 86 year old Sylvia B., came down with toenail fungus and it quickly spread to several toes on both feet. Sarah spoke to Sylvia's daughters and they decided to have her seen by a podiatrist, who cut the nail way down and prescribed a topical preparation.

"The stuff didn't seem to help much and Sylvia made a few repeat trips to the podiatrist, who twice removed a nail, not the same one, and kept prescribing various topical treatments. Sylvia felt very frustrated by all this, though I kept reassuring her that toenail fungus is really stubborn and hard to treat and that she may just have to think of it as a chronic issue, unless she wants to go on to some of the heavy-duty oral treatments. That shut her up, because Sylvia hates taking oral medications," said Sarah.

Vicks VapoRub

"At that point, I did a bit of research on my PC to see what cures might be good to try. We tried vinegar and a few other things. We didn't really see any difference. But one day, Sylvia asked me to clean out the expired medications from her medicine cabinet and I saw she had a jar of Vicks VapoRub. I remembered that this had been touted very highly as a cure for toenail fungus and suggested to her we try this.

I looked again at some articles I found on the web, and they said to file the tops of the nails to help the Vicks penetrate. Sylvia really didn't want to pay out the nose for the podiatrist again. The visits weren't covered by her health plan. So, she called a beautician she knows, who makes house calls and runs a clean practice and described the situation.

The beautician had experience with toenail fungus and knew how to sterilize her equipment and etc. She'd even heard about the Vicks cure. So she came to the house and roughed up Sylvia's toenails and I began to apply it to her toenails every day. We knew at the start that this cure takes a long time and we'd have to be patient. We started in September."

All Yellow

"I thought I saw improvement but one nail looked pretty bad—all yellow and misshapen, so I wasn't sure what was going on. But every so often, the beautician would come and clip Sylvia's nails and rough up the tops and she'd comment that she also saw an improvement.

Anyway, it's March now, and it was time for the beautician to do her thing. When I came in the next morning, Sylvia showed me that while the beautician had been taking care of her, that weird-looking nail had fallen off. I was alarmed!

But Sylvia said, 'No. There's a new nail that was under there. Look!'

I looked and sure enough, there really was a brand new, perfect nail in the place of that crummy yellow one. Wow! We're sold on the Vicks cure. It's worth the long wait because it works and it doesn't mess up your liver like those prescription drugs."