Breakthrough Treatment

Six podiatrists in the United Kingdom have just been certified to treat toenail fungus patients with a spanking new laser treatment called PinPointe Footlaser. The treatment was approved for use in the UK after it received the CE Mark approval which signifies it meets current EU health safety and consumer standards. Certified podiatrists in all parts of Europe will now be able to offer this revolutionary treatment. 

PinPointe Footlaser is a patented treatment that uses laser technology to cure toenail fungus, also known as onychomycosis. Some 900 million people worldwide suffer from toenail fungus infection which can have many unpleasant effects.

Compromised Nails

Onychomycosis distorts and discolors the nails and may also weaken, thicken, crack, or even destroy toenails. When the nail bed is compromised, for instance, if something heavy falls on your toe, an opportunity is created whereby a fungal infection can enter the nail. There it does its nasty stuff, leaving you with unaesthetic nails that can cause discomfort. Risk factors include sports activities such as running and working out in shoe wear that doesn't quite fit, causing repetitive trauma to the nail beds as your toes hit the inside tip of your shoes again and again.

But the fungus can also develop simply by keeping your foot in warm, damp footwear for too long a time. Sharing wet towels, not keeping your feet immaculate and clean, walking barefoot where those with toenail fungus may also have walked, or using nail cutting implements that haven't been sterilized are all common causes of toenail fungus. These factors can all introduce contagious fungus to your toenails.

If you suffer from any serious medical condition, for instance diabetes or poor circulation, at the same time that you have toenail fungus, this brings with it the potential for a worsening of your condition. Sometimes a concurrent condition can lead to a toenail fungus sufferer contracting a secondary bacterial infection. Up to 10% of adults and just about half of those aged 70 and up suffer from toenail fungus.

Laser Lights

PinPointe Footlaser allows for fast effective treatment without any need for anesthesia or oral medications. The treatment works through the use of laser lights which are passed through the toenails and into the surrounding skin. No damage is caused to areas other than those affected by fungal infection. New nails come in healthy and well.

While several treatments for toenail fungus have been developed in recent years, the majority are based on systemic oral medications. Most of these medications have some serious side effects. But PinPointe Footlaser has only a minimal risk for side effects. During its first clinical run, 87% of patients treated with just one laser treatment were found to have healthy nail regrowth.