Carefully Oiled Toes

It Can Happen To Anyone

A nail fungus infection can happen to anyone. It may begin as a yellow or white spot under your nail and then, as it grows and spreads deeper into your nail, the nail begins to discolour and the edges of the nail begin to crumble. These types of infections commonly develop on nails that are constantly exposed to a warm, moist environment-like sweaty shoes and shower room floors. The same type of fungus is the cause of athlete's foot, although nail fungus infection and athlete's foot are two different conditions.

What Causes Toe Nail Fungus?

Nail fungus infections are caused by fungi, which are microscopic organisms that can survive without the benefit of sunlight. Some fungi are beneficial and some are detrimental and cause infections. Nail fungus infections are typically caused by dermatophytes, however, molds and yeast can also cause nail fungus infection. These tiny organisms invade the skin through cuts, or a separation between the nail and the nail bed. As long as the nail is exposed to the right conditions, the fungus will grow and spread.

Have Your Doctor Confirm That The Problem Is Fungus

Be sure to consult with a medical professional to determine the exact cause of the discoloration and damage to the nail. Other conditions such as injury, bacterial growth, skin conditions and some illnesses may cause problems with your nails. If the doctor confirms that it is a fungus that is the source of the problem with your nails, then there are remedies which can, and often do, help to heal the infection. If the source is something other than fungus, then remedies used to treat fungal infection will be ineffective.

A Powerful Natural Remedy

One remedy which may be classified as a home or natural remedy is Tea Tree Oil. As a matter of fact, it is one of the more popular natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals and has a long record of being very effective in the treatment of toe nail fungus infections. It is readily available in most health food stores as well as many pharmacies. More and more, Tea Tree Oil is being recognized as a powerful anti-bacterial and may well soon take its place beside currently recommended prescription medications for the treatment of toe nail fungus.

Tea Tree Oil And Other Ingredients Make For Effective Healing

Tea Tree Oil comes from the Melaleuca alternifolia tree, a native of Australia. It has for many years been recognized for its ability to kill bacteria, fungi, yeasts and viruses. When used in preparations especially for toe nail fungus, Tea Tree Oil may be one of several components in the preparation. It may be blended with other essential oils such as lavender, oregano or olive oil as well as DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide), Vaseline (mixed half and half), Vicks VapoRub and iodine. Because there are, at present, no scientific studies to validate their effectiveness, these remedies fall under the heading of home remedies.

Talk with your medical professional about your options for treatment of nail fungus. Many times simple home remedies are very effective and some doctors are quite willing to try them before prescribing medication.