Feet Treats!

Your feet carry the whole weight of your body so they deserve tender loving care. Treat them well, take care of them and they will take care of you and carry you where you want to go. Give them a treat today!

See A Podiatrist

If you are having problems with your feet the best person to see is a qualified podiatrist. Many people are embarrassed by the state of their feet and delay going to see a podiatrist. Even severe and painful problems like bunions or ingrown toenails, which make it difficult to walk, don't get people to see their doctor, never mind a podiatrist. Seeing a podiatrist regularly will help prevent many problems arising in the first place and they are a must for the elderly and anybody with diabetes. Diabetics are prone to foot problems and any problems need to be seen to promptly as you risk serious complications if you delay.

Relaxing Reflexology

Reflexology is not only relaxing for the feet it can help the whole body. The premise behind reflexology is that the foot is a map of the body and by treating the feet you can help cure what is wrong with the body. Reflexologists use their hands to work pressure points in ‘zones' on the feet, similar to the way acupuncturists treat points in ‘meridians' on the body with needles. If you've always wanted to try acupuncture but are afraid of the needles, you might enjoy reflexology instead. However reflexologists don't normally cut toenails or remove hard dead skin from the feet, so for that you may like a pedicure.


Having a pedicure is a nice treat, and can really make your feet look their best. To prevent infections make sure you go to a reputable nail salon where all the instruments are properly sanitized and sterilized for each customer. Also check that the nail technician has the proper training and certification, as in some states there is no regulation of salons and anyone can set up as a manicurist or nail technician. If you have toenail fungus some salons may prefer you not to come until your condition clears up.

Give Your Feet A Rest!

Don't wear high heels all day, or every day, as this is very bad for your feet. Save your really high heels for a party or a night out where you won't have to walk far. Change your shoes every day to give your shoes a chance to air out. This will help prevent nail and other fungal infections. And of course make sure you put your feet up above the level of your heart for 20 minutes a day. This is especially important if you have a job where you are on your feet all day. It will help reduce or prevent ankle swelling and varicose veins and help your heart. You can even buy a "zero gravity" lounge chair to relax in style! After all there is nothing like really putting your feet up to feel that you are getting a good rest!

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